Diesel Power Overview

Diesel Power is a mining services business with 51% black ownership and provides opencast mining and rehabilitation services.

The scope of these services include expertise in mine planning, pit design, production scheduling, drilling and blasting, opencast mining, pillar mining, surveying and mine rehabilitation. In addition, this company does contract crushing, screening and material handling.

Diesel Power Values

Current Projects – South Africa

Anglo American Coal – Zibulo Colliery

New contract at Zibulo Colliery removal of boxcut spoils as well as conventional strip mining, including drilling & blasting.

– Volume per month 587,000bcm’s
– Term 36 months



HCI Coal – Mbali Mine

Conventional strip mining, including drilling and blasting

– Volume per month 458,000bcm’s



HCI Coal – Palesa Mine

Conventional strip mining, including drilling & blasting.

– Volume per month 800,000bcm’s



Mzimkhulu Colliery

New contract at Mzimkhulu Colliery near Ogies in Mpumalanga

– Conventional strip mining, including drilling & blasting
– Volume per month 840 000bcm’s



Sephaku Developments – Aganang Mine

Limestone mining services including stripping, drilling, blasting, loading and hauling of limestone material to the crusher.

–  Term 24 months
–  Limestone volume per month 110 000bcm’s

South32 – Klipspruit Colliery

Diesel Power TMI Joint Venture new contract at Klipspruit Colliery near Ogies in Mpumalanga

– Rehabilitation
– Volume per month 260 000bcm’s



Current Projects – International


The group took operational control of the company (PT MCC Extraction Solutions) in May 2017 and this project is the first of our strategic objectives to expand globally. The concession is located in West Kutai, East Kalimantan, Indonesia with a 1,2 million ton coal reserve, the coal seams are complex and rolling, but of very high quality.

Technically challenging in terms of planning, scheduling and execution in some of the wettest conditions in Indonesia. The coal is barged to market. The contract model is unique, and is asset light in terms of us not owning the assets. We supply all the intellectual property for the extraction, as well as the skilled people to execute the plan.

Past Projects



This company was established in the Republic of Botswana in July 2012 and was awarded a hard-rock opencast mining services project with Messina Copper trading as African Copper Mining.  Whilst these services at Thakadu and Mowana open pit copper mines was carried out successfully, due to non-payment by the client and several payment restructures which were committed too but never complied with, Diesel Power Botswana forced its contractual right to suspend and eventually terminate its contract mining services in October 2015.

Diesel Power Botswana settled all its creditors and in 2015, made an application to the High Court in Botswana who granted a final order for the liquidation of African Copper. This liquidation is still in the process.


SARLU trading as Diesel Power Congo. This company was established in the Republic of Congo in October 2012. This company provided open pit quarrying and mining services and successfully established equipment for the Mayoko iron-ore project which is owned by DMC Iron Congo.

Diesel Power Congo successfully managed the shipping of mobile plant and assets from Durban port to Pointe Noire port, clear the port, transport and establishment to the Mine.

South Africa

Sibanye Gold – Kloof Mine

Contracted for materials handling including crushing, screening and transportation of ore and waste.



Elandspruit and Yoctolux Mines

Conventional strip mining, including drilling & blasting

Volume per month 850,000bcm’s

Anglo Coal - Isibonelo Mine

Contracted for topsoil stripping and box-cuts

Volume per month 935,000bcm’s

Sasol Syferfontein

Adits & boxcut access to underground works

Reinforced concrete structures and concrete surface beds

Sasol Syferfontein

Concrete access road and concrete side drains

Reinforced concrete plinths to conveyor system

Sasol Syferfontein


Concrete roads

Silt traps

Bulk water supply

Steel water reservoir

HCI - Mbali Mine

Surfaced roads

Dragline walkways


HCI - Mbali Mine

Water management and concrete canals

Stormwater control dams

HCI - Mbali Mine

Pollution control dams

Slurry dams

Pilansberg Platinum

River diversions

Culvert bridges

River crossings

Cradlestone Mall

Bulk earthworks

Retaining walls & platforms

Stormwater drainage

Standard Bank Rosebank


Lateral support

TCTA Acid Mine Drainage

Bulk earthworks

Concrete brick paving


Zenprop Growthpoint JV - Sandton


Bulk earthworks

Lateral support

Platinum Bridge

Bulk earthworks

River diversion & stormwater drainage

Internal roadways