Fezamax Training Academy

We play a significant role in increasing the opportunities for better employment by equipping your workforce and local communities in which you operate with trades that are in demand.

The training academy was established in 2008 by the MCC group of companies. Fezamax, a wholly owned subsidiary of Buildmax (Pty) Ltd, acquired the business in 2017 and is 37,15% black owned and a Level 4 EME.

With a total of 21 dedicated and highly trained staff members, the training centre can accommodate 60 apprentices at any given time.

We maintain a high standard of training and produce highly qualifies artisans. We continuously strive to become the technical training academy in South Africa and our accreditations include MQA, MERSETA, TETA and HWSETA.

HWSETA Project

Fezamax in collaboration with Diesel Power Opencast Mining, Mesong Training & Development (“Mesong”) and HWSETA will be undergoing training 40 unemployed candidates who will be selected from the rural communities in which Diesel Power Opencast Mining operates. These candidates will be trained as earthmoving equipment mechanics, automotive electricians and boilermakers. During the course of the apprenticeship, the apprentices will attend institutional training at the Fezamax technical training academy in Kempton Park. The apprentices will receive practical experience on the various Diesel Power Opencast Mining sites. Although this is the first project with HWSETA, Fezamax together with Mesong will be working on similar projects to further expand to rural areas throughout South Africa.

Training Courses

MQA Accredited Courses
1. Explain basic health and safety in and around the workplace
2. Demonstrate Knowledge and Ability to work in a Surface mine
3. Doze Material using a Rubber Wheel Dozer
4. Use a Track Dozer to move Material
5. Drill Blast holes in a surface excavations operations
6. De-water blast holes using vehicle mounted de-watering pump
7. Drill medium diameter blast holes using an hydraulic or pneumatic drlling rig and compressor
8. Drill small diameter blast holes using a percussion drilling rig and compressor
9. Drill holes for blasting and dimension stone blocks using a mech drill
10. Drill intersecting holes for diamond wire sawing
11. Loading material using a Face Shovel
12. Excavate and load material using hydraulic Excavator
13. Load Material using a Front End Loader
14. Load and offload material using a skidsteer loader
15. Handle dimension stone blocks by means of front end loader
16. Operate Tractor Loader Backhoe
17. Haul and Dump material using a Haul Truck
18. Grade material using a Motor Grader
19. Breaking rock using a hydraulic rock breaker
20. Relocate machines and equipment using a Low Bed
21. Transport material and equipment using a Flat back Truck
22. Suppress dust using a Water Bowser
23. Illuminate an area using a lighting plant
24. Transport personnel, material and equipment using a LDV
25. Transport and distribute fuel using a Fuel Bowser
26. Demonstrate knowledge and use of hand operated Fire Fighting equipment
27. Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the Workplace
Merseta Accredited Apprenticeship & Decentralised Trade Test Centre
1. Heavy Equipment Mechanic
2. Auto Electrician
3. Boilermaker
4. Forklift Mechanic
5. Diesel Mechanic
TETA/HW Seta Accredited Courses
Lift Trucks

1. Operate Counterbalance Lift Trucks
2. Operate Advanced Defined Purpose lift trucks
3. Reach Truck up to rated cap of 2500 kg
4. Order Picker For all Racking level including high rise
5. VNA Lift Trucks Non elevating cab service all levels
6. VNA Lift Trucks elevated cab to service all levels
7. Rail mounted stacker lift truck non-elevating cab
8. Rail mounted stacker lift truck elevating cab
9. Operate Advanced Purpose lift trucks
10. Pedestrian Controlled Lift truck above rated Cap of 2000 kg
11. Pallet Lift Truck electric/battery-powered and hydraulic hoist
12. Operate a side loader lift truck
13. Side Loader Lift Truck cap as specified on certificate
14. Rough Terrain Lift Truck


1. Operate overhead/gantry cranes
2. Overhead Crane Pendant/Radio Controlled
3. Overhead Crane Cabin Controlled
4. Operate truck-mounted cranes
5. Operate a mobile crane
6. Lattice Boom Mobile Crawler Crane up to 50 000kg Cap
7. Hydraulic Mobile Crane Above 50 000kg
8. Hydraulic Crane Pick Up and Carry Above 50 000kg
9. Lattice Boom Mobile Truck Crane Above 50 000kg cap as stated on certifcate
10. Lattice Boom Mobile Crawler Crane Above 50 000kg cap as stated on certificate
11. Tower Crane Top Slewing
12. Tower Crane Bottom Slewing
13. Telescopic Handler
14. Mobile Elevating Work Platform
15. Hoist and Winches
16. Sling Loads

Driver Training / Management (TETA Accredited) By Road
1. Operate a Rigid Light Motor Vehicle
2. Operate a Rigid Vehicle
3. Operate a Combination Vehicle
4. Anti-Hijacking
5. Cargo Securement
6. Defensive Driving
7. 4 X 4 Off-Road Training
8. Convey dangerous goods by road
9. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding HIV/AIDS in a workplace, and its effect on a business
10. Load General Freight
11. Truck Driver Training (QCTO)
Short Skills Programs
1. Emergency Responder (HW/SP/1510181)
2. Fire Safety (HW/SP/1601042)
3. Basic Risk Assessor (HW/SP/150157)
4. Risk Assessment First Aid and Fire Fighting in the Workplace
5. SHE Introduction (HW/SP/1510144)
6. Implement OHS Programme and Functioning as a safety Representative
7. Basic SHE Representative (HW/SP/1510148)
8. Workplace SHE Representative (HW/SP/1510182)
9. Basic Health and Safety & Fire Fighting (HW/SP/1510182)
10. General Safety for Managers (HW/SP/1510146)
11. First Aid Basic (HW/SP/150795)
Further Education & Training Certificate: Supervision of Construction Processes

1. Erect, use and dismantle access scaffold
2. Inspect access scaffold

General Education & Training Certificate: Construction

1. Use and Maintain Hand Tools on a Construction Site
2. Use and Maintain Power Hand Tools on a Construction Site
3. Use and Maintain Small Plant and Equipment on a Construction Site
4. Pneumatic Road Roller
5. Smooth Wheeled Roller
6. Vibratory Roller
7. Drawn Type Grid/Vibrator/Trench Compactor
8. Pan Compactor
9. Ejector Hauler
10. Re Claimer (Roto Mixer)
11. Concrete Dumper
12. Truck Mounted Concrete Dumper
13. Mill Relining Machine
14. Operate a Diesel Bowser
15. Barricading, Signage and Traffic Control
16. Conveyor Belt (Belts men)
17. Lead and Supervise Construction Team

Short Courses
1. First Aid – Level 1, 2 and 3 (Dept of Labour certificate)
2. Handling & Storage of Hazardous Chemical Substances
3. Safety with Welding
4. Bulk Bag Safety & Inspection
5. Safety with Compressed Air
6. Ladders Safety & Inspection
7. Safe Stacking and Storing
8. Safety with industrial gas
9. Log out and Tag out procedures
10. ICAM (Incident course analysis method)
Other Services
1. Entry Level Assessments
2. Trade Test Readiness
3. Trade Test Preparation
4. Trade Testing
5. Pre-recuitment testing

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We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

A qualification from us should be acknowledged as a sign that the person has received quality training.

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